El Bajio, Mexico

Located in the state of Guanajuato, El Bajio is a major agricultural area in Mexico and a primary lettuce-growing region. In El Bajio Valley the growing and harvesting practices following the exact same strict standards that we use in the U.S.
The south-central zone of he state is the one with the most suitable soils where alfalfa, broccoli, garlic, green chili and asparagus are cultivated. As for the fruit threes, the strawberry represents half the value of state production, followed by avocado, peach, quince and guayaba. The most suitable municipality for the cultivation of strawberries is Irapuato.

Penjamo is a city near Irapuato, where the roads welcome passers-by with the greenish-blue tones from the agaves, which are part of the Tequila circuit in Corralejo; Gto. The municipalities suitable for the production of vegetables are: Abasolo, Salamanca, Celaya, Jaral, Irapuato, Huanimoro, Villagra, Cortazar, Cuaremaro, Moroleon, tarimoro, santa Cruz, Santiago de Cuenda, Pueblo Nuevo, Uriangato, Salvatierra,y valle de Santiago